Design & Living Magazine needs your valuable feedback. We want Fargo, Moorhead, West Fargo and surrounding communities to let us know who their local favorites are in the home-building and design industry. Take our survey now to get your nominations in. Closing date for nominations is Friday, September 9 at midnight! 
The Nomination period runs from Friday, August 19 through Friday, September 9. The top three nominations will be announced and will be available for final voting by Wednesday, September 14. Final first place winners will be listed in the November Design & Living issue and online with a select few receiving feature stories. Please visit or call 701-478-7768 for more information.
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Please note: A valid email address is required to submit nomination forms. Voters are not required to fill out all categories. 

Best Commercial Architect

Best Residential Architect

Best Interior Designer

Best Interior Decorator

Best Contractor

Best Home Builder- Below $399K

Best Luxury Home Builder- $400k+

Best Local Artist

Best Custom Furniture/Wood Design

Best Home Appliance Store

Best Kitchen Designer

Best Kitchen Design Center

Best Custom Cabinetry

Best Lighting Selection

Best Tile Installer

Best Flooring Selection

Best Countertop Install & Supply

Best Plumbing and Supply

Best Painting Service

Best Paint Selection

Best Lumberyard

Best Exterior Siding Install and Supply

Best Garage Door Install and Supply

Best Fireplace Install and Supply

Best Window Treatment and Blind Supply

Best Window Install and Supply

Best Repurposed Store

Best Furniture Store

Best Selection of Home Decor

Best Home Technology Solutions (Audio/Video/Security)

Best Gardening/Landscaping Store

Best Deck Builder

Best Landscape Design

Best Pool/Spa Install and Supply

Best Individual Realtor

Best Real Estate Company

Best Home Organizer

Best Remodeling Contractor

Best Roofing Supply & Install

If you feel we missed an important category, please type the requested category and your nomination in the below box for review by our team. Thank you.

Terms and Conditions

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Nomination Rules:Nominations must be submitted between the dates of August 19, 2016 and September 9, 2016 by midnight. All votes will be valid; only one vote in each category is allowed per consumer. Voters are not required to fill out every listed category. A suggestion box is provided at the end of the survey for additional categories; this info will be used for upcoming year evaluation. Voters will be required to list their email address for validation before submitting the survey. The top three from each category will be listed without ranking and announced on September 14, 2016 with a final voting poll available immediately following through September 28, 2016 at midnight. After final votes of the second poll are tallied by Spotlight Media, one winner from each category and all nominees will be listed in the November 2016 issue of Design & Living Magazine.Results for the nominations and final poll results will be found at, 

Nomination Disclaimer Information:The results of the Design & Living Magazine People's Choice Home Award Nominations are based solely on feedback from consumers which may include readers of Design & Living Magazine as well as non readers. Final nominations must be submitted by September 9, 2016 at midnight to be considered. The top three nominated in each category will have received the highest numerical scores, which are not necessarily statistically significant. The top three from each category will be listed without ranking and announced on September 14, 2016 with a final voting poll available immediately following. Results for the nominations and final poll results can be found at, Results of this nomination poll do not reflect the opinions of Spotlight Media or Design & Living Magazine. Since Spotlight Media and Design & Living Magazine only report the results from the People's Choice Home Awards consumer survey, Spotlight Media is not liable for any satisfaction with or safety of, any individual product or service. The People's Choice Home Awards program is owned and managed by Spotlight Media.
Voters will be allowed only one nomination submittal.

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